Bucket Bag Purse


We're proud to introduce our new leather and canvas bucket bag design. We've used top quality fabrics and a unique leather made to look like ostrich leather.

This bucket style bag will hold all your everyday needs and send you off in style! It's casual appearance and quality, durable fabrics make it suitable for daily life whether you're heading to work, school, the beach or shopping!

The heavy black wool-blend fabric adds a nice weight for that perfect 'slouch' while providing durability and style. The leather bottom adds further to the durability and the ostrich pattern gives it a unique high fashion style. The inside canvas lining has two good sized pockets and is very durable indeed. There is a central magnetic clasp to hold it closed and the strap attaches onto the bag with gold clasps.

Make this bag your new companion or:

Everyday purse
Diaper bag
Beach bag
School bag
Laptop bag
Overnight bag

► ABOUT our namesake...

T-L-C Pouches is named after the Thylacine. Now extinct, the Thylacine was a carnivorous marsupial resembling a dog, who carried their young in a pouch. Their sudden decline and eventual extinction in the 1930's has been widely attributed to man. We salute the Thylacine and hope that through awareness and showing tender loving care to our fellow earthly inhabitants we can prevent the loss of other species at the hand of man.

► ABOUT T-L-C Pouches...

My original patterns have been very thoughtfully designed with function and beauty in mind. As an artist and designer I have taken many aspects into consideration while designing including function, the fabrics, the textures and quality craftsmanship.

Great care is taken in sewing each item and a final quality check is done before sending out. We work hard to ensure our products are a true quality item. We hand pick our fabrics based on quality, design and style. We typically use heavy-weight fabric, canvas and designer cotton which which we reinforce with interfacing as well as post consumer recycled felt to build our products.

► PACKAGING - We carefully wrap our purse in tissue and package each item in a clear plastic bag, attach a hang tag with our name and logo and also include a card describing TLC Pouches and the story of the Thylacine.

► SHIPPING - We ship our purse within a week by Tracked Packet mail from Canada. 

All designs, patterns, images and artwork copyright Fanny Austin & Thylacine Pouches 2016.

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