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Welcome to our courses for Etsy Sellers! I really want to share all of the knowledge, tips and tricks that I’ve learned through growing my successful Etsy shop. I’ll be covering Etsy fundamentals, tips and tricks plus business essentials such as branding, key words, listing optimization, Etsy do’s and dont’s plus I’ll be offering one-on-one consultations to really get in there and help everyone individually. 

With over 2400 sales and an almost 6 figure income I hope I can share some of my knowledge and experience to help others succeed. I know how hard it can be to build a successful online store and I’m still learning too but I’m driven to share and help contribute to others along my path. 

Who am I? I’ve worked in marketing and business management as a general manager, marketing manager and VP of business for many years. I have a degree in Communication & Design and have designed products that have sold in big box stores across North America. I’ve also been a stay at home mom and entrepreneur! The best experiences by far :)



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