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Fanny Austin is a small company located in Ontario, Canada. We take pride in our artisan, handmade roots, our dedication to customer service & social responsibility, including our USA & Canadian made products, our unique hand made designs and our behind the scenes responsible business affairs.

Fanny Austin believes in being creative, having freedom of expression, being a dreamer, being an inspiration and being inspired. We love pushing our imagination and challenging the everyday way of thinking.  

 Fanny Austin is a lifestyle brand for the compassionate, strong and spirited woman seeking beautiful, creative and stylish influences for her home and life, something distinctive and fashionable and just a little bit different from the everyday. Fanny Austins products are just that - like the colourful feather that you found on that sunny summer day that you kept just for the beauty and inspiration it brings to your life - we hope our products are not only quality items that you'll use well in your life but that will also bring a little spark of beauty and inspiration to your day. 

Influenced by bohemian freedom with cheerful colours and enchanting patterns, creative exploration and graceful aesthetics we strive to make our collections both beautiful and relevant to your lifestyle. We put quality and aesthetics first in our designs because while a beautiful product is great, it also needs to last and stand up to everyday living.

Fanny Austin believes in social responsibility. It is the core idea that our brand is built upon. We feel that, as a society, if we can choose where and how to spend our money we can choose to make a difference in our world at the same time. So for every purchase made at Fanny Austin a portion of the proceeds are donated to aid in the protection of endangered animals.

Our name originates from the founders family who's origins come from England and the Austin Car Company and represent a line of strong, creative, compassionate women. These women have struggled through the very thick of both world wars, carrying their family through extreme food rations, watching as their city and houses were bombed and being sent away from family for protection and safety. A generation ago they came across the ocean by boat daring to start a new life in a new country yet unseen, leaving friends, family and life as they new it behind. Their new lives were hopeful and their new country expounding a beautiful nature that they explored and endeavoured to express through painting and creativity. They continued to work hard, achieve higher education and volunteer, providing an example of strong, compassionate, wise, creative women that our company aspires to be and reach out to.

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